Exploring Themes of Novice English Teacher’s Teaching Reflection

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Rahmi Fadilah, M.Pd.

Penerbit : Muharika Rumah Ilmiah
Genre : Monograf
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Tahun terbit

: 2024

This book examines the reflective practices of novice English teachers. It aims to identify recurring themes from their teaching reflections, shedding light on their experiences, challenges, and growth during their early years in the profession. The analysis reveals several key themes. Classroom management emerges as a significant concern, with novice teachers striving to maintain discipline and create effective learning environments. Instructional strategies are also a major focus, as teachers experiment with different methods to meet their students’ needs. Student engagement is another challenge, with teachers working to motivate and inspire a love for learning English.  Professional development is highlighted as crucial, with novice teachers seeking continuous learning opportunities and mentorship to support their growth. Additionally, the emotional and psychological aspects of teaching are explored, emphasizing the stress and satisfaction that come with the role. The study underscores the importance of reflective practice in the professional development of novice teachers, offering insights into the support systems that can enhance their teaching experiences and overall effectiveness.

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